Neuenzell is presenting it's work

You may wander as much as you please
but in the end you will have to return to thy self -
so why don´t you remain within the self here and now?

(Ramana Maharshi)

Neuenzell is a spirtual-therapeutic centre for self-search, becoming whole and meditation. It is situated within a beautiful, silent valley in the southern blackforest (altitude about 1000 metres above sea-level) within a wide, pristine landscape.

We – the team of Neuenzell – understand self-search as the direct, intimate experience of our essence, of what we truly are. Becoming whole from our perspective means that we learn to realise and live our essence in this world, in the place where we are.

For both processes it is necessary to develop a comprehensive awareness on the levels of body, soul and spirit. We value the insight that working on ourselves ultimately serves all beings and thus changes the world.

Neuenzell invites people of different ages and professions...

  • to deepen their self-experience and express it.
  • to responsibly get in touch with their spiritual core.
  • to design their individual retreat.
  • to find stillness and „recharge“.
  • to develop their creative potential.
  • to school themselves for their careers.
  • to reconsider things
    - in times of change and disorientation.
    - in times of crisis (be it crises of life, creativity or spiritual crises).
    - in phases of regeneration.
    - in the life-season of aging.

In Zentrum Neuenzell there is a space for the „inner space“, space to arrive with yourself. Within the aware and respectful atmosphere of this place it is possible to find strength and orientation for one´s life from one´s inner depth.

Zentrum Neuenzell offers individual spiritual and therapeutical guidance (Wegbegleitung). The staff is professionally trained and has in general many years of of professional experience.

The methods employed are variations of transpersonal therapeutical approaches that view the essential core within a human being as the wellspring and the goal of one´s inner journey. These approaches are creative and focused on the body. Important source of inspiration are the depth-psychology of C. G. Jung, the initiatic therapy developed by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim and Maria Hippius as well as the Diamond Approach as developed by A. H. Almaas.

The working methods initiate and support a kind confrontation and acceptance of the different layers of the self-personality. They to work through and integrate one´s life-experiences and finally dissolve the experience of separation from our core. Meditation fundamentally supports these processes of growth and transformation.

Single-therapy is the main work-focus of Zentrum Neuenzell. Supervision, seminars and advanced trainings supplement the single-sessions.

Furthermore guests of Zentrum Neuenzell can design their indiviual retreat. This means a possibly silent time for oneself, carried by the daily meditations, also without the special guidance.

Zentrum Neuenzell is characterised by a spirit of openness. The spiritual alignment is trans-confessional and takes every quest seriously for the inner truth of every human being.

Zentrum Neuenzell is also a place of international encounter. Each guest is part of a community as long as he or she will stay here. This can be experienced in silent meditation in the morning and evening, in a little work within house or garden and at the common meal (vegetarian menu). Many guests have been returning for years. They also leave their mark on this centre with their presence and creativity.

We want you to find Zentrum Neuenzell a place that nourishes and supports you to arrive at your inner home.